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Viking Culture Horn Mead Cup - Nordic Inspired Drinking Vessel | Handmade Goblet for Wine Beer Ale - Safe and Unique Drink Tumbler Gift with Axe Bottle Opener, Cigar Holder and Burlap Bag

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Wish you can drink like how the Vikings did centuries ago?

The Vikings were seafaring people from the late 8th to early 11th century. They were known as traders, explorers, and fierce warriors adept in sailing and warfare. Even though they're not around anymore, the remnants of their rich culture are still present today in the form of art, weapons, and tools they invented.

Why not pay homage to their greatness and attempt to live a day in their life by celebrating occasions with a drink—perhaps even use an authentic horn mead cup to enjoy your beer just like they did in medieval times.

Celebrate the wonderful moments of your life, Viking-style with Viking Culture's Horn Mead Cup!

Our horn mead cup lets you drink your beverages while paying homage to Vikings and the Nordic people's wonderful culture. These horn cups can be used for handcrafted beer, ale, water, and even non-alcoholic drinks.

Every horn is one-of-a-kind and expresses the unique character of the rugged Nordic landscape itself. Your cup won't be like any others—each comes from ox and buffalo horns, boasting exceptional color and shape variation.

The horns used to create our horn mead cup come from cruelty-free farms that champion animal welfare. The sheer amount of time and effort we pour into each cup does justice to the Vikings' historical legacy. Cheers!

Here are more reasons to choose our horn mead cup:

  • Durable and made for long-term use
  • We only use horns from ox and buffalo raised for their meat, helping us reduce waste
  • Comes with a rustic burlap drawstring bag and a steel axe bottle opener and cigar holder, (cigar not included)
  • A beautiful replacement for boring-looking mugs in your home

    Revel with your loved ones while raising your cup in the air. Add Viking Culture Horn Mead Cup to your cart TODAY!
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