Hot Coffee Horns

Viking Culture Coffee Horn Mug with Spoon, Plate and Bag, 3 Pc Set,Horned Handle with Rustic Natural Finish,Safely Holds Hot and Cold

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  • Authentic Drinking Horn Mug – Like it came from the Norse Gods themselves this Viking horn mug is handmade from 100% ethically sourced oxen horns and features a natural finish that’s truly unique, making each one completely originally.
  • Safe for Hot and Cold Liquids – These versatile horn coffee mugs can be used for a great dark roast or steeping tea, as well as ice-cold beer, water, or even those fancy mojitos. Simply handwash between uses to help maintain long-lasting quality.
  • Charming, Vintage Drink Cup – Viking horn cups are fun to use for a morning coffee, relaxing when you’re watching the big game, sipping on a bourbon after work, or simply kicking back with friends during a backyard barbecue.
  • Premium Gift Idea – From weddings to birthdays to Christmas these horn drink mug sets make a wonderful choice for husbands, fathers, mothers, and anyone who loves a great cup of coffee. Get one for Father’s or Mother’s Day, holidays, Valentine’s Day!
  • Spoon, Saucer, and Burlap Bag – This high-quality horn mug set comes with a variety of other kitchen essentials, such as a stirring spoon for milk and sugar, a small plate that can be used as a cup saucer or for cookies or appetizers, and a versatile burlap storage bag to take your horn with you wherever you go.

Bundle Includes:

  • Horned Coffee Mug (13-14 oz.)
  • Stirring Spoon (7.2”)
  • Small Saucer Plate
  • Vintage Burlap Tote Bag
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