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Viking Culture 2-Piece Viking knife Set - 10.3" Wolf-Head Viking Knife with 6.5" Blade & Leather Sheath - 3" Celtic Pocket Knife with Necklace Case - Sharp Hand-Forged Real Carbon Steel

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  • 🗡️ MEDIEVAL BEAUTIES - Celtic knife and Viking blade are hand-forged from carbon steel, giving them a rustic and age-worn look. They fit right into your antique collection.
  • 🗡️ FULL VIKING DECOR - This 10" knife has a 6.5" carbon steel blade with an intricately-designed Wolf head heel. The handle is wrapped with a premium leather grip to give it an old-world feel.
  • 🗡️ UNIQUE POCKET KNIFE - This 3" Celtic knife sports a design that takes you back to the early middle ages. The wide blade and finger loop created by the tang gives it an appeal like no other!
  • 🗡️ PROTECT YOUR BLADE & YOURSELF - Each Norse knife has its own sheath constructed from premium quality leather. Both sheaths are durable and stand well against the sharp edges of the Viking knives.
  • 🗡️ AWESOME GIFT IDEA- This knife set is an excellent gift for individuals with a passion for medieval weaponry and unique knives. Gift it during birthdays, holidays, or any other time of the year.
Looking to start your own knife collection?

If you are, then you're probably at a loss how to get started. That's more than understandable, especially when you consider the countless amount of knives available on the market.

If you are looking for something unique, then we've got just the piece for you. Actually, it's 2 piece–yes, a pair of knives that look amazing, are made from premium materials, and are as one-of-a-kind as they get.

This 2-Piece Knife Set from Viking Culture will provide a great foundation for your knife collection!

Hand-forged knives are known for their exceptional durability. This is because this labor-intensive process creates a metallurgical change in the steel, forming a continuous chain of grain that strengthens it down to the molecular level. Trust these Viking knives to last.

When it comes to these type of knives, there is no better choice for material than carbon steel. Aside from being easy to sharpen and capable of holding its edge for longer, it has a worn-out-look and century-old charm that makes it more appealing for medieval-inspired knives.

Because these knives are hand-forged, there will never be two blades that are exactly alike. Hence, when you get this set of Viking blade and Celtic knife, you can be sure that there are no other blades like them anywhere in the world.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to help you decide:

🗡️ Razor-sharp edges
🗡️ Utilitarian knives with practical applications
🗡️ Excellent value for money

Start your knife collection with a set of knives like no other. Add the Viking Culture 2-Piece Knife Set to your cart TODAY!

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