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Viking Culture Viking Battle Axe | Hand-Engraved Runes and Celtic Ring Knife, The Skeggøx Set | Authentic Hand-Forged | Hardened Blades with Genuine Leather Sheath and Pouch

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  • Hand-Forged Viking Battle Axe – A true replica crafted by artisan blacksmiths. This Viking axe features hand-engraved runes along the strong 24” Sandhan wood shaft and a semi-sharp carbon steel blade that’s designed for both display and functionality.
  • Authentic-Style Celtic Pocket Knife – Craved with hand-forged Carbon steel this 4.5” fixed blade wraps around your finger to give you a firm, controlled grip and comes with a genuine leather pouch you can wear around your neck.
  • Norse-Inspired Craftsmanship – The Skeggøx Viking hand axe and Celtic ring knife set were made to mimic their real-world counterparts crafted by Vikings thousands of years ago, which makes them a truly piece to add to any Medieval collection
  • Battle-Tested Steel – Each of our Viking Culture replica pieces are 100% functional items. That means each one has been carefully crafted and balanced from hilt to blade using premium steel, genuine wood, and authentic leather adornments.
  • Rustic Hardwood Display Case – Each metal Viking axe and Celtic neck knife also include a decorative wooden display box to help protect your new vintage replica pieces and to help you proudly display them at home or in an office.


Product Details:

  • Viking and Celtic Inspired Craftmanship
  • Hand-Engraved Runes
  • Decorative and Functional
  • Premium Carbon Steel
  • All-Natural Leather Sheath
  • Strong, Genuine Wood Handles
  • Includes Decorative Hardwood Box

Semi-Sharp Blades

Our blades come sharp enough to create dull cuts but not sharp enough that they’re dangerous just to pick up. You may sharpen them further if you wish for a sharper blade.

Hand-Forged Steel

The ring knife and the axe are both made from the highest-quality steel that’s been forged by an experienced blacksmith to offer long-lasting resilience and durability.

Norse-Inspired Battle Axe

These long 24” battle axes are well-balanced and weigh in at just 2.15 lbs. Boasting a natural Sandhan wood shaft engraved with Norse runes and a 6” semi-sharp carbon steel blade, it’s a beautiful piece that will look great in your collection.

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