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Viking Culture Horn Shot Glasses - Authentic Medieval and Nordic-Inspired Drinkware with Wooden Serving and Storage Tray - Handmade Drinking Set - Perfect for Parties, Collection and Gift - 6-Pack

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  • ✅ TAKE A SHOT, VIKING STYLE - Pour yourself a glass of your favorite whiskey, scotch, and other alcoholic beverages. This horn shot glass lets you drink in style, just like the Vikings did!
  • ✅ A MUST-HAVE FOR PARTIES - Let your party guests and visitors feel and experience what it's like to be a brave Viking during small and big gatherings. Each set has 6 drinking horn glasses and a tray.
  • ✅ BEAUTIFUL CRAFTSMANSHIP -Every Viking drinking horn shot glass has a unique shape and color, depending on the horns of our oxen and buffalos. The polished body feels smooth on your fingers.
  • ✅ ETHICALLY-SOURCED VIKING COLLECTION - Our horn shot glasses are made from ox or buffalo horns obtained from cruelty-free farms. Each one pays tribute to the rugged Nordic landscape itself.
  • ✅ FANTASTIC SHOT GLASS SET GIFT - Our beautifully crafted shot glasses make a lovely present for loved ones, especially those who adore Nordic culture. Let them celebrate like Vikings every single day.

    Here are more reasons to choose our horn mead cup:

    ✅ Durable and built for long-term use
    ✅ We only used horns from ox and buffalo raised for their meat, helping us reduce waste
    ✅ Display-worthy drinkware for any household
    ✅ Comes with a burnt wood tray

    Make a toast with an authentic Viking-inspired shot glass. Add Viking Culture Shot Glass to your cart TODAY!

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