Viking Throwing Axe with Leather Sheath, Battle Hatchet, 14" Viking Axe, Real Viking Axe Weapon with Celtic Ring Knife Set, Viking Weapons for Survival or Target Throwing, Rustic & Dependable Weapons

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We give you quality throwing axes and tomahawks to unleash your inner Viking!

Our set includes 1 14" Viking Axe, 1 Celtic Ring Knife & 2 leather sheaths for your axe & ring knife. The axe has a 3.75" sharp edge & 6" hand-hammered head. This war hammer weapon is inspired by the Vietnam tomahawk. It is light & has a sharp blade. Our design also has Norse styled leather strap for a stronger grip, a wooden, ergonomic anti-skid handle & complimented by a Celtic ring knife for maximum functionality. Take this weapon with you whenever you go camping, hiking, hunting, farming, or for any other outdoor event you have & you'll surely get heads turning!

Have maximum fun & enjoy throwing in the backyard or in the wild with your friends with our real Viking axe weapons. Hit your targets accurately with our real battle-axe weapons because it sticks closely to the target & rotates well in flight.

We made this hatchet for your axe-throwing targets for backyard by hand so you can be confident that it is made of artisan craftsmanship & produced with utmost dedication. They come with quality leather sheaths too to protect you from the sharpest blades you'll ever see.

Ready to have an eye-catching throwing axe that gives you major medieval vibes? Grab Viking Culture's working axe now!


TACTICAL VIKING HATCHET WITH SHEATH: Inspired by the Vietnam tomahawk, this Norse knife has a 3.75" sharp edge that sticks to the target on contact. It is also ideal for beginners as it is made with an axe blade which creates balance when throwing.

HAND FORGED WOODEN BATTLE AXE: Challenge your friends for wild or backyard competitions using our Viking axe real weapon. This wooden battle axe comes with a 6" hand-hammered head that's made to last & designed for best performance.

PREMIUM MEDIEVAL TOMAHAWK AXE: Get heads turning with this competition throwing axe. It has a Norse-styled leather strap for a stronger grip, an ergonomic handle made of quality aged teakwood & razor-edge Celtic ring knife to give you a major rustic vibe.

PROTECTIVE AXE THROWING SET: Bring this throwing tomahawk to your next camping, hiking, hunting, farming, or other outdoor activities. These war axe & ring knife includes a leather sheath to keep you safe from its sharp blade.

VIKING CULTURE PROMISE: Take yourself to the middle ages & unleash your inner viking with our throwing axe set. It comes with viking throwing axe, celtic ring knife & leather sheaths. Take yourself to the old world with our rustic decorative axe now!

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