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In the Early ages when swords were quite expensive and only an elite could afford one, Viking axes filled every nook and cranny. Most of the time, it was used as a handy daily tool rather than a combat instrument.

The Viking ax is quite a historic representation of their existence. It formed an integral part of the Vikings lifestyle that they could hardly do without. The reason is not far fetched: Asides being an important tool of defense, it was also used daily

Every Viking was expected to be skilled in using the axe.

The Viking axe is an indispensable tool. Historically, the head of the axe was first made with pebbles and other sharpened stones. It was gradually replaced with Iron and steel as the Scandinavians started to master the art of axe making.
Several kinds of Axe existed and each had a unique razor shape. A common attribute of all the axes were their sharp cutting edges.

The lightweight and ease of use made them a favorite for warriors. These features allowed them to be thrown easily.


The ancient Norse warriors popularized the use of Viking axes. The Axe was mostly used around the city of Scandinavia and its surroundings where the Vikings exerted much influence. The most common axes used were the Dane and Bearded axes.

The Norsemen were mandated to hold an axe and also permitted to take it anywhere.

The Havamal (One of Odin's advises) states "Don't leave your weapons lying about behind your back in a field. You never know when you may need all of sudden your weapon".

Battles were common in the Vikings Scandinavian ages. The bearded Axe is a " Common weapon" required of every Norse. Swords were reserved for the King and nobles.

Two common types of axes were being used by the Norsemen at the time; the long and short hand axes. The axes initially used had a very short cutting edge that was usually 3-6 inches long. Along the line, due to improvements in Scandinavian technology, longer axes were produced. The axes commonly user are: Danish, Bearded, Francisca and Mammen axes.


The Bearded Axe

The Bearded axe (Also Known as Skeggox) is one of the most commonly used axe in the Vikings history. The head of the bearded axe bends into a curve. As such, it provides and larger cutting surface. Its light weight also made it preferable for wars. The bearded part of the axe made it quite easy for Viking warriors to quickly pull down an enemies shield, enabling easy ambush. The bearded axe is still in popular use today. Woodworkers and Carpenters especially uses it to get accurate cuts.

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