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You might have seen the Viking's drinking horns and wonder why they were made in such a narrow form.

These drinking horns have been around for as long as anyone could imagine.

Archaeologists proved that these awesome pieces of art have been around for over 2000 years.

They are historical symbols of the Norse people who lived in Scandinavia and its environs.

Asides being an aesthetic piece, they are quite important for serving mead, ale, and beer, the favorite drink of the Vikings.

The drinking horns have largely been adopted by various cultures. It is been used for several purposes ranging from casual drinking to ritual ceremonies.

You have most likely seen one of these artifacts somewhere in the world, either in popular Vikings movies or in ceremonies. It’s only attributed to the Vikings- And of course, the Vikings popularized them.


Viking drinking horns are known for classic antiquity. The Norse people were accustomed to taking alcohol such as Mead, Ale, and wine. It was speculated that Apple Cinders could have also been their favorite.

At a time when plastics and glass weren't available, these people needed a suitable item to hold their drinks. They were able to figure out how to bore holes into the horns of Bovines. These drinking horns would eventually go a long way down history lane, outliving its founders.

In today's civilized world, the drinking horns are symbolic to various cultures across the globe and have been made of materials of metal and glass.

Even though today's drinking horns are no longer made from Bovine horns, we feel the sacredness attributed to using them.

The Viking culture has been imbibed by Viking enthusiasts all over the world. Viking symbolic elements such as the Axes and drinking horns remind us of their long-held history and also present a way we can appreciate ancient artifacts.


In every sense of it, the Viking drinking horn is a "Cup of fun" and you don't have to take a trip to the museum to get one. You don't have to settle for a plastic-type either.

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