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The saying "Work hard, play hard" particularly applied to the Vikings who were accustomed to day battles and night feasting.

The pictures portrayed by modern Viking stories of all-day-long battles and elaborate night feasting is in an actual sense not far from the truth.
The Vikings, just like other human races, drank water and used it for their daily needs. They drank alcohol whenever water was scarce or during a feast.

Beer and Meads were the popular choices. Beer was produced from fermented liqueur while meads were produced from honey.

Based on historical evidence, the Scandinavians began drinking mead before the advent of beer. It was mostly used on special occasions. Most of the times, they would go battles during the day and celebrate the victories with drinks at night served in large drinking horns. The horn is believed to have been filled with the "Midgard sea" and anyone who finished its content at a gulp earned the respect of others.

The Vikings ate twice a day and drank beer or Ale after each meal. 

It is believed that they were modest drinkers who didn't encourage excessive consumption of liquor 

The drinks were produced at almost all homes. Women were responsible for preparing these drinks. In preparing them, fermented grains of barley were pressed and boiled in water boiled in a kiln.

The Viking's mead was made from honey. The Mead which was consumed on special occasions was made from a mixture of 3 pounds of honey and a gallon of water.
The Vikings have also drank Cider-Fermented Apple drinks.

The Scandinavians had lots of Apples in their vineyards. These apples ripened and fermented on their own. Even though sources do not mention it, it's quite possible they drank from these fermented apple cider drinks.

Drinks were an essential part of the Viking culture. This was portrayed by Viking gods taking drinks on occasions.

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